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Ketamine at higher doses, is a medication that can be used as an anesthetic, often during surgical cases. In our practice, we use iv doses of Ketamine in a monitored setting to treat chronic anxiousness caused by over sensitization; a condition when the nerves in the brain and spinal cord are more sensitive to any stimulus. Patients can suffer from this condition, giving them anxiety when they normally would not have it. Ketamine works by blocking the NMDA receptor on neurons in the brain and spinal cord to effectively turn off that over stimulation similar to resetting your computer or cable modem

Analysis using a simple urine test can
identify 11 different biomarkers that can explain abnormalities of cellular processes in 4 categories related to anxiousness: oxidative stress, neurotransmitter depletion,
inflammation, and micronutrient deficiency. These areas can then be treated with customized Intravenous infusions in order to replenish the much-needed substrates for
these processes in the body to be improved.

As we age, certain hormones can get
depleted over time. For instance, lack of cortisol can lead to poor response to stress and lead to anxiousness, but treatment using hormone replacement therapy can often improve these symptoms and really make a difference, along with exercise and healthy
eating. Simple blood tests can tell us when hormone replacement is needed.

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